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Michael Spedding

Michael Spedding, PhD, FBPharmacS

Michael has been secretary (10 years) or chair (15 years) of the Nomenclature committee of IUPHAR (NC-IUPHAR, growing the committee from 15 subcommittees to 90 !, 700 scientists, 100 publications), resigning to become Secretary General of IUPHAR, from 2014.

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  • >190 full scientific papers, 20+ patents, ~40 compounds into formal preclinical research; 11 compounds into clinical development, one to market. Contributions to 3 other marketed drugs.
  • Thirty five years experience on Research Review Committees (Merrell Dow, Syntex, Servier)
  • Chairman NC-IUPHAR 
- classification of all drug sites in the human genome (>90 subcommittees) – reviewed as a crucial activity for human knowledge by UNESCO: http://www.guidetopharmacology.org/
- ISI Laureate classed among 300 most quoted “French” scientists of all disciplines – 1981-1998
- Thomson Reuters: Highly Cited Researchers (first 80 in France, only industrial scientist)
- Classed in 'the World's Most Influential Scientific Minds, 2014".
  • H-index for publications : 57 (Web of Science) ; >8000 citations (industrial scientist)
  • Elected to French Academy of Pharmacy, 2001; Fellow of British Pharmacological Society, 2005
  • Construction of two research centres

Partners/Key contractors

Ann Spedding, Administration and travel.

Vicki Johnston, IT and databases;

Clare Racho, Conferences and seminars.

Thibault Gianati, auditors, DG&A, 8 Rue Boudreau, 75009, Paris

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